Author T.M. Payne

Welcome to my world!

I haven’t written many books and I actually consider them more novellas than books. I am a book blogger at heart so that is what I spend most my time doing when I am not proofreading for other authors or at work.
I do have plans to write again though. In the meantime you can check out my Books page or my Blog page here for any books I may share from others.
I lean more towards Young Adult Romance in my writing although they do have a bit of spice. I also keep them in Kindle Unlimited so if you are on Amazon and want a quick story I hope you will check them out.
I was blessed in getting started. I work with many wonderful USA Today & NYT Best Selling Authors and they were all wonderful in giving me advice, and helping me with getting started in my writing endeavor.
Being a book blogger for going on 9 years I have seen many sides to what authors go through. It is not easy by any means. I think many forget that behind those words you are reading is a human being, who has a life, and family. Readers can often be very cruel.
I have always ran my blog with honesty and integrity. I do tons of book reviews and I have never given one that was not my own thoughts and heart. Some books just are not everyone’s cup of tea.
I can usually be found on Facebook working on my Book Page, or in one of my many book promotion groups. I love helping authors. If you want to find a great book / author come follow my page or my book blog I will leave links to those below for you. I also have a weekly book newsletter although not in my author name. It’s Book Nook Nuts my book blog.